As part of our ongoing mission to grow Parkour worldwide, WFPF is offering an opportunity to become an official WFPF Parkour Academy to a limited number of qualified gyms.


Created by top parkour professionals, the WFPF Parkour Academy offers the most comprehensive curriculum program in the industry, with a progressive 8-level Parkour curriculum and lesson plans taking students from basic skills right through to competition level Parkour. Designed in conjunction with the WFPF Teacher Certification, each Academy gym will receive scholarships for two of their instructors to attend the WFPF Certification of their choice, which occur monthly in various locations around the US and Canada. In addition, each gym will receive a full parkour teaching module as well as a simple handbook and accompanying instructional videos for levels curriculum levels 1-5.

Created by the world-renowned athletes of the World Freerunning Parkour Fedration, the WFPF Certification Program was carefully developed to encourage the creative, grass roots nature of Parkour, while also establishing safe practices and a common vocabulary of movement for progressive instruction to students of all ages. The WFPF Certification Program, the only Parkour certification developed in partnership with a major insurance underwriter, is the gold standard for the safe and practical instruction of Parkour. It is therefore required that all USAP member gyms have a minimum of two trainers on staff, with at least one overseeing all classes and open gyms at the facility at all times.

“Integrated Obstacles”TM offers a full product line of equipment and accessories for the safe practice of Parkour. Developed by top WFPF athletes in cooperation with DGS, a trusted leader in the manufacture of movement equipment and facilities, the iosystem is portable, durable, adaptable, affordable, and insured.

One benefit of being a USAP member gym is access to coverage under the general liability and participant accident insurance provided to USAP by Specialty Insurance Group, an A. M. Best Rating Underwriter. To qualify to receive this coverage, a gym must:

Become an active USAP member gym
Follow all USAP Registration Requirements
Agree to abide by the USAP Code of Conduct.
Employ two USAP certified instructors within 3 months of beginning coverage

Parkidz and Ninjas is a progressive movement discipline designed for children 11 and under which teaches the traditional gymnastics skills of balance, strength and coordination while also promoting creative movement as a way of life. Parkidz and Ninjas is included in your program when you become a WFPF Parkour Academy.

In addition to WFPF’s yearly Pro-Am Championship at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (taking place this year on April 7-9, 2017), WFPF has partnered with USA Sports Productions to bring you a series of Parkour and Warrior competitions all around the United States for athletes ages 5-17 years old. If you would like to participate, to host an event, or to find out about other upcoming WFPF competitions, please click on the link below.